Don’t Get Left Behind with Outdated GIS Skills

Esri’s ArcGIS platform continues to revolutionize GIS.  As new mobile and cloud GIS services become available, it has never been more important to keep your skills up to date.

Learn ArcGIS training videoWhether you are new to GIS or a seasoned professional, you do not want to risk becoming outdated.  Our Learn ArcGIS training courses teach you the latest ArcGIS skills and workflows.

  • Stay current on desktop, mobile, and cloud GIS
  • Make consistently professional-looking maps for presentation
  • Broaden your skills with valuable tips and tricks
  • Gain confidence in using ArcGIS across various devices

Price: $34.99


Training You Can Watch to Whenever You Need It

Have you ever purchased an online training course that you watched right away and then wanted to re-watch a few months down the road only to discover your access has expired?  That won’t happen with our Learn ArcGIS training courses.

Learn ArcGIS courses are delivered to your home or office on CD/DVD.  You can watch the lectures on your computer or DVD player.  There is no expiration date – you own the CD/DVD – and you can watch it whenever or wherever you want.

When you buy our courses, you get a physical product that you own.  Store it on your bookshelf and pop it into your CD/DVD drive anytime you want to watch it.

Courses Come with Data and/or Exercises for Hands-On Practice

Are you a hands-on learner?  Most of us are when it comes to learning GIS.  It’s important to understand the theory and workflows, but it usually comes down to knowing which buttons to push and in which sequence.

Learn ArcGIS courses include data and instructions so you can follow along on your computer.  The data used in the course demonstrations is included so you can follow along.  And – for some courses – we’ve included step-by-step exercises complete with the data needed to do the exercises.   We also include videos of the instructor working out the exercises.

Created and Taught by a Professional GIS Instructor

All of our courses are designed and taught by Esri business partners trained in GIS course development and delivery.  Our instructors have 10+ years of GIS training and real-world consulting experience.

  • Learn simple, proven workflows that you can apply immediately
  • Get incredibly useful information delivered in a clear, straight-forward manner
  • No annoying flashy production or sound effects

All of This for an Unbeatable Price

The days of high-priced GIS training are over.  Learn ArcGIS courses are hands-down the most affordable professional GIS training you will find anywhere.

The first DVD in the Learn ArcGIS series is a super deal.  It includes 2 ArcGIS for Desktop version 10.x courses for the price of 1.  You will get one DVD containing these two courses with your purchase:

  • Fundamentals of Desktop GIS, AND
  • Working with Excel Data
That’s 2 courses on 1 DVD – a total of six (6) hours of GIS instruction for $34.99!


Here’s what you get:

Course #1: Fundamentals of Desktop GIS
8 lessons covering the essentials of using ArcGIS for Desktop version 10.x, including:

  • Finding and adding GIS data to a map
  • Using ArcGIS Online free data to add topography, imagery, and more to your map
  • Symbolizing and labeling your data so it looks exactly how you want it
  • Creating professional maps for reports, posters, and graphics
  • Understanding geographic coordinate systems and projections
  • Differences between shapefiles and geodatabases
  • Creating new data through an edit session

The course includes hands-on exercises complete with data and step-by-step instructions as well as videos showing how to work out each exercise.  The exercise data is the same data used in the demonstrations so you can follow along.

If you are new to GIS, version 10, or just need a refresher, this course will give you the experience you need to feel comfortable using ArcGIS for Desktop to perform essential tasks.

Price: $34.99


Course #2: Working with Excel Data
At some point, nearly every GIS user needs to plot points from XY coordinates stored in an Excel spreadsheet.  This applied GIS course will help you meet the challenge like a pro.  You’ll learn:
  • Prepare your Excel data so it’s GIS-ready
  • An Excel-to-GIS workflow that shows you exactly how to plot Excel data in ArcMap and save it as GIS data
  • Recognize common problems when mapping Excel data and tips/tricks for solving them

All of the data used in the course demonstrations is included along with instructions for following along.  This one course will make your life so much easier the next time someone sends you an Excel spreadsheet with instructions to make a map.

Price:  $34.99


You will need to provide your own copy of Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop v10.x software if you want to do the hands-on exercises and/or follow along with the demonstrations.  If you do not have a copy of ArcGIS for Desktop v10.x, you may request a free 60-day trial license from Esri by visiting this link:

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